The Inktober Phenomenon

What is Inktober? Many of you certainly know, that this is a challenge of comic artist James Parker. This challenge involves drawing throughout October, every day on a different theme, only in black and white – with a marker or pen and ink. Now it’s clear to all, that the name originated from the combination of ink and october. The artists participating in this challenge share their images with the hashtag inktober on social networks. The result of this sharing is an incredibly beautiful image show, full of various ideas and styles. The primary purpose of this challenge was actually regular training of this type of drawing. Parker’s challenge started in 2009 and has spread all over the world since that time. You can try to enter this hashtag on some of the social networks and see how many people are involved in this event. Personally, I joined Inktober for the second time. It’s really a great fun – not always the topic appeals to you, not always you have enough time and that’s just the right training even for drawing skills, but mainly for your brain. In fact, it was such a creative adrenaline experience for me, for example, when you hit the last line of the picture five minutes before midnight. More examples of my drawings can be found in Free work and especially in the Reading room.




Small Saturday Narration

Certainly many of you have at home a family member, who doesn‘t speak human language. However, you understand each other better than you understand your uncles, aunties, aunts or cousins. Of course, you know, who I‘m talking about. Sure, it’s your doggie, cat, turtle, parrot or even a fish that doesn’t say a word for a whole day, yet it is stuck in your heart. You may have noticed that my two little dogs, Francis and Beeba, also twisted me around their paws. Because of their nice temperament (and I suspect them of a sense of humor), they very easily slip into my illustrations and even have their comic stories. Francis and Beeba might tell their stories differently, but who knows. I hope for myself that the reader not only smiles, but maybe could understand a little bit more of the animal speech 🙂

Francis and Beeba, my dogs