Small Saturday Narration

Certainly many of you have at home a family member, who doesn‘t speak human language. However, you understand each other better than you understand your uncles, aunties, aunts or cousins. Of course, you know, who I‘m talking about. Sure, it’s your doggie, cat, turtle, parrot or even a fish that doesn’t say a word for a whole day, yet it is stuck in your heart. You may have noticed that my two little dogs, Francis and Beeba, also twisted me around their paws. Because of their nice temperament (and I suspect them of a sense of humor), they very easily slip into my illustrations and even have their comic stories. Francis and Beeba might tell their stories differently, but who knows. I hope for myself that the reader not only smiles, but maybe could understand a little bit more of the animal speech 🙂

Francis and Beeba, my dogs

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