Albi and Ladislava Pechová invites you to the autograph session on the occasion of new multimedia book publishment. The book is called "Gingerbread Cottage" (roughly translated) and combines illustrations, text and spoken language.

The session takes place at Prague Book Fair on 17th of May, 14:00, located at Albi stand - left wing, stand L410.

Ladislava Pechová, Wednesday, 14 May 2014 09:00
Ladislava Pechová, Friday, 18 April 2014 18:00

After all these years working as freelance illustrator and graphic designer I came to this conclusion: most people think that an artist doesn’t work as hard as they do. Painting, drawing, creating pictures - it must be so enjoyable! In their opinion my profession is too exquisite to be considered as a serious work. How many times I‘ve heard: „ I envy you, it‘s great that you can do your hobby as a job! “ Though many lawyers, bakers or gardeners do their jobs with love and passion, nobody could envy them, because it’s totally clear that they are doing a hard work - unlike me.

This prevailing view has unfortunately one side effect. Many of my clients have problems to pay for my work adequately. I have a suspicion, that they may be imagining me as an ethereal being, which is able to live only from the scent of flowers.

Of course, the reality is much more colourless. Yes, all freelance artists are being amused by their work and they are frequently enjoying it for the whole of days and nights and weekends.

It‘s difficult to measure how much time we spend on our projects, you can’t switch of the brain. Creativity is a lousy friend and the best ideas can’t be made on command or only in the limited time of business hours. Therefore I must insist that our job is as real as any other’s. It may look like we are standing out of the working process but we are forced by the business market to work hard, very fast and sometimes to go out of our physical limits to keep our position.

So that’s how things are.

I work hard, fast and sometimes out of my limits because, as any lawyer, baker or gardener, I love my job.

And I really don’t live off the scent of flowers.

Ladislava Pechová, Sunday, 16 March 2014 20:52