ZBrush Newbie

Last weeks I’m stucked in 3D world. I’m newbie in ZBrush and I’m totally excited by this software. There is still a big amount of learning before me, but sculpting in this program is surprisingly easy peasy and I really love it. Below you can see a small sample of my work, so I go ahead to make more progress soon and move my projects to a higher level.

Sculpting, polypainting and rigging



Artstation Grand Space Opera Challenge

Before Christmas I decided to take part in Artstation Challenge – „Grand Space Opera Light Age Challenge“. As the name suggests, the theme was science fiction. The task was to create our own terrestrial creatures, aliens or enviroment of unknown planets. For this challenge I chose the Character Design section.
As usual, I joined the challenge a bit late which resulted in a good training. The less time you have, the more quickly your brain must work. There was a huge number of participants and everyone did an amazing work. For me it was a great experience, even though I was just a tiny part of this creation space storm.
Below you can see one of the aliens of my submission, you can find more on Artstation/lp-art/challenges or check it out here in the Character Design & Comics gallery

Submission on Artstation Character Design Challenge /Grand Space Opera Light Age/

Future Is Now

Ongoing scifi film festival Future Gate has been held since 2014 and has a large fan base, not only because of the great selection of films, but certainly also thanks to the awesome accompanying program. During the festival you can visit a wide range of interesting lectures, workshops, exhibitions or even just fight with the lightsaber. So I definitely recommend visiting this event, also because of the great atmosphere that I experienced in firsthand at the cinema Lucerna yesterday evening / I really liked the film Synchronic /… and while you are there, check out at Café Lucerna an exhibition of 15 selected pictures for the art festival competition – also my artwork is there 🙂

“Freedom” – now at Lucerna Café in Prague

The Inktober Phenomenon

What is Inktober? Many of you certainly know, that this is a challenge of comic artist James Parker. This challenge involves drawing throughout October, every day on a different theme, only in black and white – with a marker or pen and ink. Now it’s clear to all, that the name originated from the combination of ink and october. The artists participating in this challenge share their images with the hashtag inktober on social networks. The result of this sharing is an incredibly beautiful image show, full of various ideas and styles. The primary purpose of this challenge was actually regular training of this type of drawing. Parker’s challenge started in 2009 and has spread all over the world since that time. You can try to enter this hashtag on some of the social networks and see how many people are involved in this event. Personally, I joined Inktober for the second time. It’s really a great fun – not always the topic appeals to you, not always you have enough time and that’s just the right training even for drawing skills, but mainly for your brain. In fact, it was such a creative adrenaline experience for me, for example, when you hit the last line of the picture five minutes before midnight. More examples of my drawings can be found in Free work and especially in the Reading room.